Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe

SATIE project will create new ‘Security Operation Centre’ philosophies for inclusion in a comprehensive airport security policy. SATIE will develop an interoperable toolkit that will help improve cyber-physical correlations, forensic investigations and dynamic impact assessment at airports.



SATIE adopts a holistic approach about threat prevention, detection, response and mitigation in the airports, while guaranteeing the protection of critical systems, sensitive data and passengers.


The SATIE project will build a holistic, interoperable and modular security toolkit to be exploited by the next generation of Airport Operation Centre and Security Operation Centre.


SATIE will adopt a W-model approach as an extension of the ITIL V-model, a process for Service Validation and Testing that helps to define appropriate requirements and validation methods. 

Simulation platform

Validation and training enviroment is distributed on two platforms – one with virtualization and cyber training capacities, and another with specific ATC systems for near real simulations.

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